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Cinzia Schilliro  / Mind, Peace & Soul Dream
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Dream Visualization:
Ritrovo l contatto con Tutto e con l'Uno, attraverso l'energia universale
None Given
Date Created: 11/3/2012
Dream Status: In progress
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Cinzia Schilliro
I need to stay with myself, alone, only the sea and me...
Cinzia Schilliro
Thank you Erin, sometimes I need to rehear this words, maybe when in'm not so tuned. Your comment could be the sign I'm waiting for. Tks from the bottom of my heart. Now I go to sleep (in Italy it's 1.25 pm) and I know that my soul will run free... I hope my English is understandable.
Erin Mester Wow so happy to hear that and very glad I could help! I bet this was your sign. =) You're right we just need to be reminded sometimes because it is easy for fear based thinking to take over and cloud you from seeing the truth. Luckily we are there to remind each other so we can get back on track. By the way, one more insight on feeling bad that it may help to be reminded of is that whenever you're feeling bad know that it comes from focusing on what you don't have or don't want in some capacity. There's a great Rumi quote that reminds me of this.. "You're staring at the waves and ignoring the sea." Your English is great by the way =)
Cinzia Schilliro :-)
Cinzia Schilliro :-)
Cinzia Schilliro
I'm waiting for a sign... Universe????????????? I'm here!!!!
Ash Kumra What can we do to help?
Cinzia Schilliro I think that I have to focus myself not only in asking, but open myself to all possibility. Have you any suggestions?
Cinzia Schilliro Ash, what's the key of the success?
Erin Mester The Universe is communicating with us all the time. It we aren't aware of it its because we're blocking ourselves from receiving it. It's like a radio sending out signals that we won't hear unless we're turned into it. The universe doesn't speak to you through fear or doubt, worry, anxiety, or other negativity so if you're feeling bad in any way, its a signal that you're not tuned in. Make yourself open to receive by letting go of the negativity and replacing it with love. Practicing this has allowed me to replace false fear based beliefs with empowering love based beliefs which has had the most amazing impact on my life and has completely transformed me. Hope this helps! Enjoy the journey!
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