Life Purpose

My goal is to create content that moves and inspires people to change their lives. I believe if we can heal ourselves on a cellular level, we'll be inspired to heal this planet. And, I know you can begin healing yourself on a fundamental level if you start with the basics in life, how you live, where you live, what you eat...

Inspiring Quote

“It's the privilege of legends to be ageless.” ― Ann Wroe, Orpheus: The Song of Life



Writer, producer, and content creator Tania Van Pelt has written and produced for film and TV, her book Ageless Diet is premiering this September 2015 and her site AgelessDietLife.com launches Summer 2015. Check out employeesonly.tv and happinessseries.com for more of Tania's work.

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Favorite Quotes

"Things that are Real are given and received in Silence." Meher Baba "Remove thyself, Hafiz, for thou art the veil." Hafiz "The force that connects the universe is compassion. Practice compassion and connect your worlds."