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Create Habits Using Visualization, Dreamboard and Vision Boards

Using Visualization to Form Habits
Forming habits doesn’t need to be difficult. When you can really visualize yourself with the new habits, you can get there much faster.
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use visualization to create new habits


When people are born, they are a blank slate, with no real understanding of the world around them. As they grow, they begin to develop behaviors and form habits that stick with them as unconscious actions. Just like every other person, you have certain habits: brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning, putting your seatbelt on when you sit down in a car, and any other regular routine.

Simply put, a habit is any action that you take regularly without having to think about it. If you do break the habit one day, you immediately feel strange, but oftentimes you can’t even identify why. This is because the mind works to maximize your own efficiency, so these unconscious actions don’t require as much energy. Knowing this, many people look to form new habits to help get them on the right path. Of course, forming habits can be difficult.

Change the Way You Think

If you have tried forming a new habit through the brute force of repetition, you probably have already realized how frustrating that can be. Instead of simply trying to force yourself into a new behavior, you need to attack the root of the issue and change the way your mind processes the information. Rather than simply adjust your behavior, you need to tell yourself that it is a normal part of your routine. Dreamboards, also known as Vision boards, are one way to start identifying yourself with a new habit, using visualization to see yourself doing the task.

Through visualization, you can design Dreamboards that will actually inspire you to move towards the new habit. This will tap into the Law of Attraction and work on pulling the outcome your way. For example, instead of “trying to exercise every day,” you use visualization to see yourself doing it and all of a sudden you say “I exercise every day.” Your mind wants you to be congruent, so it will start pulling you towards forming that habit.

Using Your Emotions

Of course, one of the most powerful ways to get yourself into the habit-forming mood is to use incantations. No, that does not have anything to do with magic, but the effects can sometimes feel like it does. Incantations call for you to really put yourself into the feeling of the outcome while you express that desired outcome.

Rather than forcing yourself into a new behavior, this system lets you use the Law of Attraction to pull the behavior to you. In this way, you can shorten the time it takes to form a habit and really get where you want to be.


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