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Using Dreamboard For Clarity in Visualization

Making Dreams A Reality Starts With a Clear Picture
From intentions, to pictures, to video; the more clear your outcome is, the easier it will be to obtain.
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Laser Focus Intentions

If you are familiar with the concept of Dreamboards, then you probably consider yourself to be a student of the Law of Attraction. This powerful force is working every day whether you are using it or not, constantly moving you towards whatever you consistently think about. Unfortunately the condition that I like to refer to as “vague dreaming” is prevalent among many individuals and typically leads to disappointment and a faltering belief system. If you hope to avoid this condition, the key is to take the time to become really clear about your dreams.

Comparing Words and Pictures

The first step to manifestation through the Law of Attraction is clarity. Clarity, in this sense, refers to how clearly you have defined your dreams. If you simply threw together some vague Dreamboards about how you want “lots of money” or “to be healthy,” then what exactly are you expecting to get? Vague goals yield vague results. The same is true with any visualization techniques.

If you want to really tap into the power of the Law of Attraction, you need to start looking at goal setting and dream building exercises. There are hundreds, if not thousands of goal setting workshops out there today to help form clear pictures. As you go through one of these workshops, the key is to really clarify the outcome. Don’t feel like you have time for a goal setting workshop? Try this one on for size.

The Fast Dream Building Exercise

There are lots of goals that you might wish to achieve: health, relationship, money, personal, career, etc. No matter what category your dream falls in, here are two simple examples that can help guide you to greater clarity:

Health – What is your health goal? Is it to look good, feel good, or simply get the doctor off your back? Do you have a specific weight in mind? What is that weight? Do you have a specific body fat percentage you are shooting for? What is it? Do you want to run, swim, or bike a certain amount every week? How much?

o   The key to achieving any health or fitness goal is to get painfully specific.

o   Bad Example: “be at my ideal level of fitness.”

o   Good Example: “Weigh 180 lbs. with 10% or less body fat while running no less than 3 miles each day. I am at this level of fitness within the next six months.

Money – How much money do you need to earn? How quickly do you need that money? What will the money get you? How will you obtain the money?

o   Once again, the key here is specificity.

o   Bad Example: “Make more money this year.”

o   Good Example: “Get at least two new clients in the next four months. I increased my monthly income by $1,000 and has allow me to save up to buy that engagement ring.”

Naturally, you will want to create both short-term and long-term goals. Also, no matter what category you are working on, remember to have a reason behind each goal. Even if you have clarity in your outcome, you still need motivation to get there. When this is all in place, the Law of Attraction will do the rest.

About the Author
Joseph Macolino
Social branding warrior and owner at Macolino Enterprises, LLC. I help business owners, specifically coaches, get more clients online and reach their ideal audience. My mission is to ensure everyone coach is able to get his or her message out in a clear way and engage not just anyone, but rather their perfect clients. Follow me on social media @jpmacolino.

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