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I want to always be thankful for Heera and myself completing each other brightening up each others lives seamlessly. Living out lives to the fullest with individual freedom and personal liberty! Together making the world around us a beautiful place by growing and giving. It's the most exquisite feeling that I can never be grateful enough to be loved and loved by my darling diamond mermaid wife. Thank you my darling. I love you unconditionally and I constantly want to shower with you all the love and compassion I am capable off which means infinity amount of love, my diamond darling! I cherish and value your nature, attributes, good and bad qualities and everything else that is yours darling, To my eyes you're the most beautiful and precious Diamond of your very own kind, Heera!!! If I were to draft a letter to you daily in the morning before waking you up with a cup of warm water it would be something like this;- Dear Diamond Mermaid-wife, Your beauty is stunning like pearl. My diamond mermaid-wife, to me, you're far way precious than any diamond in this world Heera Maa. Your incredible charming personality mesmerizes me to fix my eyes on your beauty. As much as you are passionate over surrounding yourself with beautiful items I am all into adoring your very efforts an ignorant yet so pure desires with utter simplicity that comes right out of your beautiful heart, Together with you I am passionate and supper excited (the exquisite kind-of excited that never gets exhausted) about visiting eye-catching sites and creating lovable memories for us to cherish over the years to come. As concerned about the freedom of time, money and place I do keep in mind over your concern of healthy habits and orderliness in life my diamond. Everything you feel no matter how tiny matters to most to me. For us darling, 'Love Is Real'. I totally adore this beauty between us that I can never be thankful enough for. I worship the fact that my daring diamond mermaid-wife does not accept flirting with people. Being your soulmate it is a promise that I make to myself to be loyal, devoted and dedicated to you my diamond darling mermaid-wife. God-willing, darling, I truly appreciate and constantly give worth to your presence in this beautiful life I'm blessed to live together with you, darling, Best or perfect life partner you're my soulmate, It took a long-messy-crazy-beautiful time to realize the moment you opened the car door, stepped in with your beautiful vibe and sat next to me, I knew you were the one, my soulmate. And baby darling, I have an enormous amount of energy-in-motion over this unwavering belief of mine over you my diamond darling!!! Simplified it and in a hashtag I would say #YouAreMyEverythingHeeraMaa And that's about the letter :) To my Heera Maa I know that I am intuitive, imaginative and I tend to fantasize and I also know and can feel that darling you may deny it but baby you're fascinated by my these qualities and you my darling being ambitious and a lover of the novel and modern you want to make my creative ideas into practical reality. Thank you so much my diamond darling mermaid-wife. Keeping all this in my mind, when you point out to me how impractical my attitude is it is a promise to myself for my well-being to that I will take all the effort into not feeling disturbed or inferior but to listen to you my wife and reevaluate my attitudes and take action upon the lessons learnt. I want to be your romantic fairy-take character darling. I want to be the life of your life bringing pleasant dreams to you when you sleep and even when you're awake. I am passionate about my darling achieving even more popularity and fame through me and I am going to be grateful to be able to support you throughout with all the blessed opportunities given to me. I am blessed with all that I need to constantly make all this happen. Alhamdulillah <3 !
Give me a sense of purpose and meaning, Deepen my relationship with others, living life to the fullest with soulmate, being the best I can be for the person who trusts me with all she has, taking care of her
Date Created: 10/15/2016
Dream Status: In progress
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