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I don’t believe in a ‘life purpose’. That whole idea is a very heavy sensation to me. I operate from light is true for me and heavy is a lie – its very personal and brings up different truths for everyone. What I do know is I got a body for fun, I have a target of contributing to creating 10,000 truly conscious people in the world, and that’s about it. I didn’t always used to think as simply as this. I was very involved in the spiritual and metaphysical communities and had life purposes coming out my ears but they would fade after a while as it does for many people because there is no life purpose because we are infinite beings. We are just embodied for a while. Just keep it simple – have fun and follow the energy.

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You being you is the change the world requires - Dr Dain Heer at Being You Changing the World Class, Noosa 2013



Rebecca Hulse is a risk-taking, fire-walking, no bullshit, professional-dancer, Access Consciousness Bars and Body Facilitator, Real Love Coach and Author of Love Me For Real - Self-Care You Will Actually Do (and want to) She's here to help demystify the crappy stories about what it takes to find real love, have it and live a life full of it. Driven by an ancient soul that comes with a giant bag of wisdom candy, Rebecca is a veritable Santa Claus of fresh thoughts. Don't let her young face deceive you. She knows what she's talking about: Over the course of her career, she has inspired over 300 teens to better their lives and pull themselves out of their ruts, coached amazing beings on creating what they truly desire and contributing to many more with her writing. Rebecca encourages you to discover how to unlock the magic in your soul. Within her is an ancient soul with deep wisdom you might not fully appreciate until you talk heart to heart. Rebecca is fill of totally transparent (she will even talk about her love life if you ask) and profound ideas like: Feelling radiantly happy and deeply loved is a choice. Anything you desire is possible, and creating your dream life can be gentle and effortless. Living your truth is bullshit - Growth, change, and awakening don’t have to hurt Rebecca works on a physical, intuitive, and deep level to explore and fulfill your soul’s cravings. Her approach creates a deep experience and gives you dramatic results. Rebecca’s been featured on leading-edge wellness websites like MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal, Not Salmon, Wild Sister, My Yoga Online and countless more. Rebecca is available for 1:1 coaching and speaking. She's a blogger and author of new ebook - Love Me For Real - Self-Care You Will Actually Do (and want to). More information on all of this can be found as well as a free self-love process at


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How does it get any better than this?® - Access Consciousness 99% of all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations aren't actually yours! You are the universes biggest radio transmitting device picking up on everyone else's crap. It's not yours though - how freeing is that? Gary Douglas Ask ad you shall receive