Male, 36, In a relationship

Life Purpose

Push the limits of what was perceived possible in my demographic, buck tradition/dogma's, get results, inspire others, be the change that I want to see and last but definitely not what drives my passion, all at the same time making this all look cool AF!

Inspiring Quote

I am the creative director of my life, whatever I focus on I create!



I am the Game Changer! I develop creative ways to overcome adversity, create exceptional content, produce hits, find hits, & as a competent leader develop prodigies. I finesse everything that I put effort into with the midas touch, silver tongue, & PR prowess. Out here in the wild there are prodigy mavericks. If you're reading this you've just met one!


Live, Gaming, Music, Tarot, Hiking, Destiny Engineering, Digital Media, Numerology

Expertise & Skills

Investing, Travel, Entreprenuership, Music, Health, Family!, Spirituality, Entertainment, Music Production/Recording, Network Building

Basic Info


I am not religious at all, I am spiritual. I flow with the universal laws.

Favorite Quotes

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat (Fortune Favors The Bold)