Erik Wahl on the Paradoxical “Discipline of Creativity”

Graffiti Artist, speed-painter, and entrepreneur Erik Wahl talks about how we can unleash our inner creativity to achieve more in life!

Pharrell Williams : Being Happy & Living Your Dreams!

Grammy award winning singer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams talks about being open minded, following your dreams, and doing so without fear that someone else has already pu...

Ellen Page On Living and Loving Equally

Ellen Page comes out as a lesbian at the Human Rights Campaign, and encourages all to love all equally, and never to be afraid of showing your true identity to the world -- we...

Jillian Michaels: “Health is the foundation that life is built upon”

Jillian Michaels explains that leading a healthy lifestyle will give you more confidence in areas other than fitness, such as in the workplace, and around friends and family.

Shark Tank Millionaire Robert Herjavec Advice For Success!

Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec talks with Young Hollywood about starting out life in an impoverished European family, and making his way to becoming an extremely successful busi...

Maya Angelou : "Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud"

Maya Angelou is an inspiring American icon whose poetry and literature have been honored around the world. She wants the world to realize the power they have to be happy!

Use Visualization And Change Your Reality!

If you wish to easily and effortlessly start changing your life, visualization is your answer!

Shawn Achor: "Happiness Inspires Productivity"

Shawn Achor, author and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology, shares how you can make a difference in everything you do with your optimism!

Anita Rani : Using Law Of Attraction & Dreamboards To Live Fully!

Visionary & Founder of, Anita Rani, shares how law of attraction and dreamboards changed her life and inspired!

Tyler Perry: "Plant your seed in the ground, water it and never stop believing!"

Tyler Perry gives a motivational speech on how he became wildly successful that anyone can follow.

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